Rates include 8 hours with two photographers, digital files from the day and a book. This should cover most weddings as a full day of coverage. We capture all the excitement, tears and laughter that happens throughout your wedding day. My philosophy when photographing your wedding is to tell the unique story of you as a couple, your family/friends and your day, I want to capture all the moments you experience in all their beauty and artistry. By day's end we should be fast friends.


We aim to be everywhere all the time and while that's not possible we work to capture the most important moments throughout the day, influenced with a photojournalistic feel. Clean beautiful images with a little fashion flair gives your wedding day the perfect amount of "real", attitude and style. It's best if everyone feels comfortable with us around, like a couple of friends and don't worry about where the camera is pointed and if we're getting up close and personal.