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We all have a million selfies these days, but how about photos you love of yourself? Photos of you laughing? Photos of your true light showing through?  These are the kinds of images I love getting in camera.  I love being intimate and relaxed and having fun with a client. Having your portrait taken should be fun.  I’m always reminded how much the value of a photo increases with time.  If you think hiring a photographer is expensive, it is.   It’s an investment.  However 10 years down the road those images are going to be ten times more valuable.  We will never be younger than we are today. 😉  Are you  a mom constantly behind the lens, capturing image of the kids.  When you look back at the photo albums, where are you?  Exist in photos for yourself, for your family, for you kids.  Everyone should have a beautiful photo of themselves they love. I hope you do.  If you don’t…we can fix that.


Teresa Fae of Soul of Photography is an Encinitas photographer in San Diego, California.  Residing and working in  the North County area of Enicinitas and studio on 101 highway in Leucadia.  Teresa focuses on portraits on-location and in studio, families and weddings.

Fashion Spring Portraits | San Diego Photographer | Encinitas, California

It’s officially Spring, though it already feels like Summer! I’ve always been a sun-worshiper and beachgoer, so I won’t complain.

These portraits represent Spring and Festival Season. The hippie in me loves flowy dresses blowing in the desert wind and though I won’t be out at Cochella this year, I think this look could be super fun for a Senior Portrait session or a “just for fun” session. I love the soft backlight and all the light tones in her outfit. Flower headbands are always fun too.

Spring beauty, mesh dress, flower headband.

Spring beauty, mesh dress, flower headband.


backlight portrait, beautiful festival girl.

backlight portrait, beautiful festival girl.


crochet dress, portrait. festival ready

crochet dress, portrait. festival ready



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adrienne + joe married! | san diego photographer |encinitas photographer

The Temecula hills and rolling greens were the backdrop of Adrienne and Joe’s wedding day.  They were married on a HOT, October day, with wispy white clouds floating in a bright, blue sky above them, surrounded by their loving families and friends.  There were tons of DIY decorations, a daughter bridesmaid and sons for groomsmen, family, past, present and future saturated their day with LOVE, not to mention ALOHA.  I was happy to be present and a puzzle piece of the day, as Adrienne and Joe’s photographer, and I was even welcomed to dine with part of the family for dinner!  Congratulations to everyone and all my best wishes!


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This is my third season as a San Diego wedding photographer, my eighth year in the portrait photography business, and Adrienne and Joe were my last wedding of 2014.  Thank you for letting me capture images that would story tell your day with photography.  I hope you enjoy your portraits and candid images of your day!

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