Exist in Photos | Encinitas Photographer

We all have a million selfies these days, but how about photos you love of yourself? Photos of you laughing? Photos of your true light showing through?  These are the kinds of images I love getting in camera.  I love being intimate and relaxed and having fun with a client. Having your portrait taken should be fun.  I’m always reminded how much the value of a photo increases with time.  If you think hiring a photographer is expensive, it is.   It’s an investment.  However 10 years down the road those images are going to be ten times more valuable.  We will never be younger than we are today. 😉  Are you  a mom constantly behind the lens, capturing image of the kids.  When you look back at the photo albums, where are you?  Exist in photos for yourself, for your family, for you kids.  Everyone should have a beautiful photo of themselves they love. I hope you do.  If you don’t…we can fix that.


Teresa Fae of Soul of Photography is an Encinitas photographer in San Diego, California.  Residing and working in  the North County area of Enicinitas and studio on 101 highway in Leucadia.  Teresa focuses on portraits on-location and in studio, families and weddings.