amanda + joel engaged! | encinitas, san diego

Last weekend I was asked to photograph a marriage proposal. It’s the second one I’ve been honored to photograph. It was a sweet and simple plan set to go down at one of my favorite places in Encinitas that I still call “Quail Gardens.” I had to be a little sneaky before the proposal happened, which wasn’t too long, thankfully, and I think I pulled it off with style. Shortly there after, I don’t think he could wait another minute without her. There was surprise. There was excitement. There was definite LOVE and HAPPINESS.

It was a gorgeous day in San Diego and we enjoyed a lot of the beautiful spots in the Botanic Gardens and then headed down to the beach to do photography at sunset. I felt so lucky to share the afternoon with these two and the beginnings of the next chapter in their relationship. Congratulations to you both!


And that’s just part 1 of the Proposal shoot! Very excited for these two and their upcoming wedding!